To be a leading global halal hospitality provider of choice.

Mission Statement

  • We are a business entity
  • Catering is our core business
  • Our primary responsibility is to provide syariah compliance and high standard food and beverage service for our clientís needs
  • Our objective is to promote authentic Malay Cuisine to be accepted by the world


FELDA DíSaji have been in the catering business for more than 15 years and have become very popular in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia among government agencies, corporate organisations, royalties as well as individuals from the middle and upper income group. In order for us to be more recognised as the preferred brand name among middle and premium catering market in Malaysia, we are committed on ensuring customer satisfaction, sustain effective marketing campaign, maintain our quality enhancement programme for food preparation and presentation, R&D in new menu & taste, creating more chain of outlets, restaurants and unitscovering major cities in Malaysia and in the world with good demand for Halal & Asian food and create better corporate image by investing in strategic partnership, sponsoring and charity works.